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Kids Classes

Martial Arts For Adults And Children In Coventry, Bedworth And Nuneaton

Little Dragons

Days & Times:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 5pm

Providing a safe, engaging, and disciplined environment for children to train in, our popular ‘Little Dragons’ class is based around a blend of kickboxing, chinese kung fu and the Filipino arts. the classes are designed to introduce the children to self-defence and anti-bullying in a fun and engaging way, and work as a great start point for children to explore the wide world of martial arts. Discipline, respect, teamwork, self confidence and well being are at the foundation of everything we do, however we also understand that having fun is an important factor for every child. The skills learned here blend perfectly with the other childrens classes we provide, such as Brazilian JuJitsu, Kid’s Kung Fu, and Kid’s sparring classes, allowing children to really find what works for them, and to explore it to it’s fullest.

Urban Dragons

Days & Times:

Monday & Thursday 6pm

One of our more popular children’s classes, the Urban Dragons (ages 9-14) encompasses and draws from a blend of disciplines, including kickboxing, Kung Fu and the Filipino Arts, in a fun and friendly environment.

Alongside the martial training, we love to encourage personal development. As they approach secondary school, it can obviously be a challenging time for youngsters. Confidence building and social skills play a large part in our training, and we like to feel that we help to ‘prepare’ them for the journey ahead.

The students are encouraged to explore their training in a realistic yet relaxed context, and in the true essence of ‘Jeet Kun Do’ to find what works for them as an individual, and to ‘walk their own path’.

The older students will often be invited to stay on and train in the adult classes, giving them further opportunity to develop their skills.

Dinky Dragons

Days & Times

Tuesday & Wednesdays 4:15pm

An introductory class designed for younger children, we gradually introduce them to the wonderful world of martial arts at a pace that suits them individually. They will explore the core principles and ideas of martial arts, such as balance, co-ordination, timing and self-confidence, all taught through fun and engaging classes based around games and play.