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As i have said many times before I am a HUGE fan of Rory Miller. Here are a few wonderful quotes on fighting from him…visit his website Chiron Training for a host of wonderful pieces of information and details on his books and dvds

“Everyone plays chess, but few are really experts. Few really fight, but everyone is an expert.”—??

De-escalate yourself first.

Do you know where your knowledge comes from?

How can people be so sure about things they cannot know?

To be sure about something you don’t know is superstition.

It is easier to instill confidence than competence.

To manage fear you only need to believe you can do things. To manage danger you must be able to do things.

Every last person can become amazing just by doing stuff. No one becomes amazing by sitting on their ass listening to other people’s stories.

Most of the time, martial artists talking about violence sound just like first graders talking about sex.

You’ve spent your whole life learning to be a good person. Don’t forget you are also a perfectly good animal.

The word ‘cxxxsxxxxr’ has no place in de-escalation.

“The Beauty of the thing was, you see, that nothing could possibly go wrong.” – P.G. Wodehouse

You can take yourself seriously or the world seriously, just never both at the same time.

“Good loser? I never want to lose enough to get good at it.”- M. Phelps

Not everything can be de-escalated; not everyone can be talked down.

You do not get to pick what kind of bad things will happen to you.

“I will still be here when the dust has cleared. Will you?” Tom McRae “Stronger than Dirt”

“Tell me why I need to know. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to know all you’ve shown me.”- Michael Franti “Hey World”

Tag line of the first Missouri Seminar: “As martial artists, you are studying the manufacture of cripples and corpses.”

Tag line of the first San Francisco Seminar: “Some of you have spent fifteen years learning answers to violence. Let’s spend one day looking at the question.”

Tag line of the first Rochester Seminar: “It’s your move.”

“I’ll I wanna do now is roll dirty.”- Eric Troske

“If you don’t suss it out in the daylight, you won’t suss it out in the dark.”- Toby Cowern.