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Martial Arts For Adults And Children In Coventry, Bedworth And Nuneaton


“Tony, I have just had a team meeting, and met with some of the men you are working with. I am getting some amazing feedback about the men’s martial art sessions – I took a call yesterday as well from a Social Worker who says she can not believe the difference it’s making. Other team members have taken similar calls – professionals particularly like that we have used martial arts to hook men into looking at other broader health issues and impacts. The fact that participants and professionals are making the effort to come and tell me how good it is means it must be fabulous. Thank you.”

Christine Eade​​​​ – Coventry Social Services​

“The Health Inequalities team/Coventry Men’s Health forum and their affiliates have a longstanding working relationship with The Way of The Spiritual Warriors, tasked with tackling Health Inequalities in Coventry, we do this through use of martial arts as a vehicle to deliver health awareness sessions and fun exercise using various martial arts styles.

Our varied clientele include BME groups in community settings, Businesses within the private and public sector, faith groups, Mental Health services, vulnerable adults and children. The Way of the Spiritual Warriors are able to deliver consistent messages on health in line with our agenda to increase take up of exercise and health awareness within at risk groups. The team are flexible and work well within all settings.
The instructor’s ability to build relationships with their clients has enabled frank discussions around individual’s areas of concern, in turn building trust with not only the instructors but with organisations brought in to deliver health awareness workshops.

Every group they have worked with have had high praise for the team at the Way of the Spiritual Warriors. Their style in working with clients is varied, unique and 100% effective. All those who have taken part have reported a huge increase in self confidence and have gone on to develop further opportunities for themselves.
I would highly recommend the team not only as excellent ambassadors for physical activity but for their capability to inspire and motivate clients.”

Elley Scott​​​


“I was having a hard time at school and was being bullied so I couldn’t concentrate and I got bad marks. My Dad took me to the WOTSW class. I was very shy to start with but very quickly I realised that everyone there was friendly and helpful and I learnt tons of stuff that made me feel confident and taught me what to do when I was picked on and bullied at school. Now they dont even pick on me and I feel much, much better. They daren’t. My parents are happy too as my school grades have gone right up. I’m getting a quad bike for Xmas from them to say well done. WOTSW rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mark 14years old


“I am a MMA (mixed martial arts) junkie and have trained in most of the well known gyms in Coventry but WOTSW school is truly phenomenal and Mr. Anthony Pillage is an inspirational marital artist, instructor, friend and human being . I had fallen out of love with martial arts and had only eyes for the UFC, but the first day I meet Tony he changed that and gave me a wider spectrum and understanding of the arts, be it for self defence , competition, fitness or a hobby. I highly recommend this innovative club, what ever your goals Tony’s enthusiasm, friendly manner, innovative approach and love of teaching can help all in all aspects it’s a life changing experience for the good, plus its great fun and lovely lovely people with no ego’s.”


“One of the best equipped schools I have visited in the UK!”

Royce Gracie
UFC Legend!​

“I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to train with the Way of the Spiritual Warrior Academy?”

Danny Jon Jules
Star of Red Dwarf, Blade and The Storyteller on CBBC​

“Tony Pillage can pop your head off your shoulders like a champagne cork from a bottle”

Frankie Boyle – Scottish comedian and writer​

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